Down and Derby
"Required reading for anyone who's searching for new ways to be fearless."
Carrie Brownstein, Sleater-Kinney









From instructing eight-year-olds how to t-stop to training Drew Barrymore how to backwards skate like a pro, Axles of Evil and Kasey Bomber have taught hundreds of people across the nation how to play roller derby. We'd love to help you, too!

With nearly 15 years of competition and coaching between them, Axles and Kasey specialize in increasing the learning curve of beginning roller girls - teaching everything from basic skating skills to lessons in harnessing unbridled enthusiasm into powerful, legal hits.

Whether you are an individual in need of some one-on-one coaching or an entire league looking for training, we are here to help. We are available for either regular lessons locally, or specially designed boot camps to get your league's new crop up to speed in record time.

We approach each student with care and patience. Neither one of us were aces when we first started skating. We know how frustrating doing things on eight wheels can be at times. We take the time to carefully break down each move and tailor our instruction to meet your body type, skill level and individual needs.

For more information about our coaching services and to book a lesson or visit to your league, contact us at